Block machine becomes more and more popular

Concrete mixing station requirements for electrical control system can realize the input is convenient and the operation is convenient, and can accurately adjust and modify the various materials set value; electrical control system must be with perfect self-locking and interlocking function, can ensure the accuracy and reliability of the system operation and for common faults of electrical control system must be fault detection and alarm function mobile hollow concrete block making machine .

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Control system in the concrete mixing station of the weighing system is provided with an adjusting zero output 3. Electrical mobile concrete mixing plant, auto tare, drop correction, for a single called single weighing to buckle compensation function, more effectively control the measurement accuracy, and a lamp light alarm device mobile hollow brick making machine ;

  1. Concrete mixing station in the production requirements of the electrical control system for the entire workflow can realize automatic control, also is to realize the concrete mixing station on-site production management personnel does not need too much will be able to complete the entire process Mobile Concrete Brick Making Machine .
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