Deal with Common Faults of Linear Vibrating Screen

The vibrating equipment is used to separate materials. It is composed of main frame, screen, motor, eccentric bock, rubber spring, coupler, etc. Linear vibrating screen is a new efficient materials screening and grading equipment, which is also the important equipment of thestone crushing line, and now it has been widely applied in production process of various industries. In the first use of vibrating screen or vibrating screen equipment, it will inevitably appear mechanical problems. In this paper, we will analyze solutions to several of the most common problems.

  1. you can check whether the sieve’s surface has accumulated materials, because too much pilled sieving materials will lead vibrating screen not to be started;

  2. you should check the power supply. Because linear vibrating screen requires to use 380 v three-phase electricity, be sure to comply with the requirements;

Linear Vibrating Screen

  1. you have to check whether grease inside the vibrator becomes thick, and if thicken to be agglomerate, you should timely clean vibrator and add proper grease;

  2. checking the sieve’s electric components, you must ensure it is not damaged. If damaged, you have to replace the new electric components;

  3. you have to check the vibrating screen power supply voltage. If the voltage is not enough, it is solved by changing the power supply;

  4. you have to check the vibrator whether can work normally, if damaged, you should timely repair or replace it;

In the process of using linear vibrating screen, you should pay attention to equipment’s maintenance. Good maintenance habits can effectively avoid or reduce the failed possibility of the vibrating screen.

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