Development Advantages of Domestic Concrete Mixing Plant

Like most concrete companies, the production of 10,000 cubic meters of concrete is normal. The features of key components such as hosts, screw machine are fairly stable. Concrete batching plant has many years of development, and the development process is introduction – digestion – domestic production – all homemade – improvement and innovation. Some technologies have been the international level standard. Today Henan Daswell will introduce you the development advantages of domestic concrete machine.

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concrete batching plant

High degree of automation: after 2002, many concrete companies began to use two hosts multiple ways to improve the capacity and reduce the waiting time for concrete trucks. Currently, most of its control systems are relatively advanced and stable. High degree of automation can ensure support long uninterrupted production. Operating platform in control room and computer monitors can vividly reflect the entire production process ofconcrete mixer and every part of the case MP750 Planetary Concrete Mixer manufacturer, such as the case of cement silos, aggregate storage, aggregate and concrete conveying and so on. Once there is something wrong with one of part, the fault can be found in the shortest period of time, and resolved in timely. The high accuracy measurement of concrete mixing station can be divided into four aspects, that is, aggregate, cement, water and admixtures.

All concrete batching plants adopt industrial computer control; they can be operated automatic and manually, easy to operation. Dynamic operation panel of mixing plant displays the operating condition of various components, and can store a variety of data. Domestic concrete mixing plant is popular in international market.

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