fruit washer vegetable bubble washing machine for sale

The fruit washer vegetable bubble washing machine for sale adopts water bath type bubble cleaning and high pressure spraying, and the material has a tumbling effect generated by the bubble in the release process in the water, so that the material has an irregular strong turning movement in the water, and the surface of the object to be cleaned is effectively separated by the movement of the material. In addition, high-pressure pneumatic spray is used to simulate the basic action of manual cleaning. At the same time, because the material is the tumbling motion generated in the steam-water mixture, the damage to the material caused by bumps, smashes and scratches during the cleaning process is effectively avoided. Work efficiency, and manual work is mechanized processing.


Use of fruit washer vegetable bubble washing machine for sale

The material is cleaned to remove the pesticide residues, hair, fiber, grass and sand in the material, and is especially suitable for vegetable cleaning (no damage cleaning).


Food grade materials are safe, reliable and non-polluting. The conveying is stable, the speed is adjustable, and the material travels along with the conveyor belt to avoid damage to the conveyed material. The noise is small, suitable for occasions where the working environment is relatively quiet. The structure is simple and easy to maintain. Low energy consumption and low cost of use.

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