How about the Discharge Port of Small Jaw Crusher?

China small stone jaw crushers are the crushing machines widely used in various fields of mining, construction, road and railway construction and water works. It is a stone crusher with the advantages of simple structure, stable performance, easy maintenance, final particle and high crushing ratio. According to different models, China jaw crushers can be divided into PE jaw crusher and China PEX jaw crusher.

As we all know, the discharge port of small jaw breaker can be adjusted according to user’s actual requirement, to get the qualified product material size. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. will teach you to use the discharge port of small jaw crusher, hoping to give you help.

Jaw crusher

First we have to know that the diesel jaw crusher thrust board also known as brackets, in addition to transfer power to move the jaw plate swing, it also has the role of security insurance, changing its length may also play a role in regulating the port of discharge. When the non-broken material enters into the small stone jaw crusher cavity (such as iron balls, iron, etc.), in order to protect the main components from damage, use the thrust plate as the crusher machine insurance components. The thrust plate is generally made of iron cast; it also can be cast two parts. Then connect them with screws (or rivets), consisting a combination of thrust plate. When not broken material enters into the crushing chamber, crushing equipment is overload, the huge crushing force cause the fracture of thrust plate, the machine stopped working, play insurance role.

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