Improve the working efficient of concrete mixer pump

There belt mainly cotton insulation insulation or cold carpet coverage for four weeks, to prevent heat loss gravel. Mixer mixing mixing station according to the characteristics of the host is stirring inside the building, the building is surrounded by stirring tightly closed when winter comes, the internal heat pipe heating 2KW, specifically the number of installed heat pipe according to the temperature dependent. Also in the mixer before the start, you must check the parts movement is flexible, heating mixer reducer to prevent burn control start load is too large appliances. Production of concrete mixing duration and intensity and uniformity of concrete is related to many trials and production practices should select the best mixing time.

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Concrete mixing time is too short will have a significant impact homogeneity, too will have bleeding and segregation phenomenon. Gravel quarry gravel quarry used mainly erection of roof insulation insulation, internal raw stove, or by heating. Cattle have to ensure tight enclosure. Also due to the large volume and area of ??heat greenhouses, to prevent overturning SICOMA concrete twin shaft mixer, surrounded by greenhouses need to be added to set up strong wind cable. Reservoir heat insulation main steam and erection roof insulation, each mixing station production of water use through the steam heated. Water temperature should reach above 30 ℃.

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