Laying chicken feed formula

For the feeding ingredients of three dimensional egg chicken cage, it can be matched according to its growth cycle. The laying hens are mainly divided into the growing season and the laying period. Scientific ingredients are combined at different stages of the growth and development of laying hens at different stages. three dimensional egg chicken cage


First, the growing season

Growth period is divided into brooding period and breeding period

1 brooding period

0 to 6 weeks of age is the brooding period. The chickens in this period, like broiler chickens, grow fast and have strong metabolism; but the body temperature regulation function is not perfect. The above characteristics determine its nutritional needs: high energy, high protein, full price nutrition. Therefore, when considering the feed formula, it is necessary to rationally select a cost-effective feed, and the nutrient characteristics should be easy to digest, suitable for feeding, and good quality. Add necessary anticoccidial and anti-dysentery drugs according to feeding methods and housing.

2 breeding period

Laying hens after 6 weeks of age are often called breeding chickens. This period has normal body temperature regulation ability, and each organ develops normally. This period develops rapidly and grows rapidly. As laying hens, they should not be over-fertilized before starting production. In order to control the growth rate, the nutritional indicators of the diet are relatively low, and some breeders should also be properly restricted. The demand for protein in broiler chickens does not change much with the progress of the age. The feed for broiler chickens can be selected from agricultural and sideline products such as bran, distiller’s grains, slag and green feed to control body quality. Increasing protein levels can only increase the age of production and improve body quality in advance, neither reducing the feed consumption during the incubation period, nor the beneficial effect on the subsequent egg production rate and hen mortality during laying. The level of calcium in the broiler diet should not be too high.

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