Overall Knowledge of Single Stage Hammer Crushing Machine

Hongxing single stage hammer crushing machine is based on years of marketing research. It uses the most advanced technology in the world. It has the advantages of simple structure and easy operation. Compare with the similar products, this machine can efficiently save the invest cost. Hammer crusher is the main force of the rural road modifications.

Single stage hammer crusher can be used to crush various hard rocks the particle size of which is no more than 60-800mm, such as granite, basalt, limestone, cobblestone, cement clinker, quartz stone, bauxite, concrete, slag and so on. After crushing, about 80 percent of products become less than 30mm. This crusher machine can crush the large rocks into the pieces with different size according to the different requirements, which absolutely can replace the two stages crushing. In all, the performance of simplifying process, saving investment of infrastructure construction and lower operation cost bring customers a lot of happiness, convenience, benefits.

Single-stage Hammer Crusher

Single Stage Hammer Crushing Machine Features

  1. The military high strength artillery steel spindle is designed with vacuum duplex which increases the strength by 3-4 times.

  2. The WHM two-step method hard surface deposition technology increases the surfacing life by more than one time.

  3. The theory of stone hitting effectively reduces the wear load of hammerhead and grid plate.

  4. The enhancement rotor is designed with finite element analysis technology.

  5. The AMC alloy hammerhead enjoys a service life increased by 50~150%.

  6. Single stage crushing largely simplifies the production process.

After materials go into the crushing chamber, they will pile up on the middle bracket specially set inside the machine. The hammers run between the gap of the middle bracket and continuously crush the materials that will fall down. The falling small-sized materials will be further impacted and crushed by the hammers running with high speed, and finally the materials will be discharged from the bottom.

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