Quicken the Develop Pace about Concrete Mixer

The basic problem is temperature of the entrance and exit of rotary dryer portable diesel concrete mixer, which has certain requirements. Too low or too high temperature will affect the drying efficiency and the quality of the finished products. We most need to focus on the questions about the outlet temperature of the drying equipment, rotary dryer outlet temperature is not too low, because temperature is too low will appear cold condensation dew phenomenon, cause internal dew condensation of ESP, thus producing the phenomenon of “discharge, creepage”, and reduce dust removal effect, and also aggravate the damage to fan.

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So the dryer will be affected by various factors in the drying process, such as environmental temperature, humidity, the temperature of the original material, and so on, people always pay attention to the temperature, control the temperature. In this way, the dryer equipment will bring good effect and reduce unnecessary troubl

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