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Free 500M runescape 3 gold and 100M rs 2007 gold flash sale will come on June 1st at!En gng registrerade du kommer bli ombedd att vlja ett spel niv. Om du ger en RuneScape runescape gold 2007 redigerare eller statistik vxlare, kan du vlja den svraste nivn och fortfarande gra ett ddande. Sdan tgrd r knd som en “RuneScape Hack”. D fr du chansen att vilken land du vill venture i. Efter detta har du friheten att frfina din karaktrs figur genom att anpassa sin form. Fina med ett virtuellt spel som det hr r att du kan vlja ngon utseende kra till ditt hjrta. Oroa dig inte om du inte r expert, du kommer sedan att guidas genom en serie tutorials som lr dig allt du behver. Ett bra tips r att ha en hndig Prisguide. Detta stt kan du frvnta dig hur mycket du mste betala fr specialiserade merchandise.

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  1. There will be two rounds of Summer Flash Sale, respectively for 500M RS3 gold and 100M RS07 gold.

500M Runescape 3 gold giveaway: 03:00 AM on June 1, 2015 GMT.

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There are four types of fishing spots available where F2P RuneScape players can catch 11 different types of RuneScape Fish. All but one type of fishing spot allows two different methods of fishing. There are cage (crayfish,) net/bait, lure/bait, and cage/harpoon fishing spots in F2P RuneScape. Here is a breakdown of each type of RuneScape fishing spot and the 07 rs gold locations of these types of fishing spots.

Start by buying cream on the grand exchange. Then take the cream to the dairy churn and opt to make cheese. 07 runescape gold Level 48 cooking is required. It takes about three minutes to churn and bank an inventory of cream, so roughly 560 cheese wheels can be made each hour at a good dairy churn location. Alternatively, buckets of milk may be churned, 14 at a time.

Talk to Betty in Port Sarim and she will ask you to go down in the cellar to talk to her assistant, Lottie. Talk to Lottie in the basement of Betty Magic Store. She will tell you that the chest containing the wand has a buy rs 07 gold special lock on it which can only be opened with the six animals in her cellar in their right pens. These animals are in the wrong pens except for the bat and snail. You can only move one creature at a time because they don like each other. The chest will not open until all the animals are in the right cages. You also have to use the holding pen so one creature won see another creature in it pen.

Black Ibis set pieces can be obtained from thieving urns or sarcophagus in the pyramid plunder old school rs gold rooms. Having a Sceptre of the Gods (another new item) equipped increases the chance. Ring of wealth, although it isn’t clear if it helps the chances, should also be worn even if just for the chance of other loot it increases or enables (such as rare statuettes.)

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Old school rs quest helper – A Fairy Tale Part II – Cure a Queen(OSR) Hot sale at

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Time: 2 hours


Skills:Level 57 Herblore, Level 49 Farming, Level 40 Thieving

Quests: 13 Quest Points

Reward:3500 Herblore Experience
2500 Thieving Experience
Skill lamp (2500 Experience to any skill)
Use of Fairy Rings

Tips, tricks & notes:

•When using the Fairy Rings make sure you have your Dramen staff; when going to the Queen’s Chamber make sure you also have Nuff’s Certificate.
•Do NOT thieve from Martin at the beginning or you will have a long wait.


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