Stable Operation of concrete mixer for sale

Mixing time as concrete state, without the consent of the test staff shall not be arbitrarily increased or decreased.

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(5) in the production, we should closely observe whether the measurement is accurate, more than the specified error should be adjusted in time to adjust the gap. All measurement in the range of the minimum value should be in the range of. Measurement system of other abnormal situation must be timely reporting concrete mixer for sale .

(6) cement, admixture, water error can not be over + 1%, cement, admixture quality is not enough Sicoma Planetary Concrete Mixer, should be timely to find the auger is blocked, and excluded in a timely manner, set the material error can not be super + / – 2% concrete mixer manufacturer , when exceeding the error should be timely to find the reasons and manual compensation and record.

(7) when discharging, discharging port and tank inlet should be aligned, stop discharging omission concrete machine .

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